Temporary Projects

Here are two projects that I am posting here temporarily until I can get a blog written.

The first one is Kyle's RIA Services MVVM project broken up into multiple classes.

RIAServicesMVVM_V3.zip (6.42 mb)

The second one is the same but with MEF added which caused another reorganization to break the design time services out into a separate library.


RIAServicesMVVM_V4.zip (6.59 mb)


I am currently working on creating new Prism templates that use RIA Services. Here is my first template:


AppServices.vsix (34.74 kb)


I had a request for a MVVM example that shows dialog boxes. This is what I came up with:


SwheatExample1.zip (597.31 kb)


SwheatExample2.zip (592.58 kb)

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