After Silverlight Firestarter: WCF RIA Services Campfire

The Silverlight Firestarter is coming up on December 2nd and I have decided to create a new online event, the WCF RIA Services Campfire. The Campfire event will be on December 3rd at 10:00 CST (16:00 GMT).

What is the WCF RIA Services Campire? No slides, no planned demos, just an open forum to talk about WCF RIA Services. To allow this event to be worldwide, I am hosting it through Office Live Meeting. If you are unable to connect to Office Live Meeting's audio features, please let me know what alternate method you want to use. I can probably support adding people through other methods including Skype.

The best thing about events like MIX, Firestarter, and PDC is always the common room where conversations happen. With the campfire event, I am going to try and bring that experience to everyone even if we can't all get together in person.

You can register for the WCF RIA Services Campfire event at

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