Proposed WCF RIA Services Sessions for MIX10

Earlier today Microsoft opened voting for the MIX10 Open Call entries. I am happy to see that at least eleven of the submissions mention WCF RIA Services. Even if you are not attending MIX10 it is still important that everyone posts as the sessions will be available on the web along with the rest of the MIX10 sessions.

You can see all of the submissions here.

Real World Silverlight Line of Business ApplicationsMix10_Vote_grn_240

I do have my own horse in this race, and it is the session I have linked above. The application I will be showing is actually rather important from a historical perspective as it is the application I have been writing for the last year. If you have been helped by any of my blog entries, answers on the forums or tweets then this is the application you have to thank. The total list of technologies that I used (and in some cases changed) are:

  1. Silverlight 2 –> 3
  2. Data Services –> .Net RIA Services –> WCF RIA Services
  3. Enitty Framework
  4. Deep Earth –> Bing Silverlight Map Control –> ESRI Silverlight API
  5. XAML Power Tools (thanks Karl!)
  6. Prism
  7. SandDock/SandRibbon –> Telerik Controls
  8. SQL Server 2005/2008
  9. Visual Studio 2008
  10. ArcGIS Server

As you can see, I have a pretty large stack of stuff that I have used so I will not be able to cover all of it in depth. If my session is selected I will be open to suggestions on what pieces I cover more than other pieces.

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