RIA Services Enterprise Business Application: The Movie

A step by step guide was requested for how I created the Enterprise Business Application from my previous blog entry. The video is rushed as I was fitting it into lunch, I apologize in advance if it is too difficult to follow.

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

Commentary: I made a mistake in Part One when editing the project file. In the second section that I paste in, where it says:


the EnterpriseTest.Web needs to be changed to EnterpriseTest.AppServices.Web for both resource files.

In Part Three I was running out of time (I only get 5 minutes per video from Jing) so it gets disjointed at the end. Basically, just keep compiling, going thorugh the errors, and resolving the references. At the end you should have working application.


I did not record any audio for the videos. If you can't figure out what I am doing let me know which the file and time code is and I will place a comment here explaining what is going on.

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