WCF RIA Services EF 4.1 Scaffolding Support, WCF RIA Services Contrib, and NuGet

Two big announcements today. First, the old RiaServicesContrib.dll file has been replaced with RiaServicesContrib.EntityTools.dll and is now available as a NuGet package. The package name is RiaServicesContrib.EntityTools. Hope that is easy to remember.

The other news is that RIA Services Contrib has a new scaffolding system for EF 4.1.

Soon after WCF RIA Services support for EF 4.1 was released, Rudi Larno released a scaffolding system for building the DomainServices based on the EF model. Unfortunatly, Rudi doesn't have time to maintain what he built so I am taking it over for him. Today I added the scaffolding code to the RIA Services Contrib project on Codeplex and published it on NuGet.

The scaffold is not exactly the same as what Rudi was using. When you create a DomainService using the scaffold you may need to add a new using statement with the namespace where your POCO entities are. Also, I modified what is generated to match the snippet code supplied by Microsoft.

To install the scaffolder

1) In the Package Manager Console select the package that will contain the DomainService
2) Type Install-Package RIAServicesContrib.EntityFramework.Scaffolding and push enter

To use the scaffolding system, in the PackageManagerConsole type in the following command line:

Scaffold RiaContribEfDomainService <TEntity> <TDbContext> <TDomainService>

So, if you are adding the Customer entity from the OrderEntities DbContext and you are creating the OrderDomainService you would type

Scaffold RiaContribEfDomainService Customer OrderEntities OrderDomainService



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